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The Boston Cocktail Challenge: A Celebration of Mixology

Unleash Your Inner Mixologist at Boston’s Premier Cocktail Event

The Boston Cocktail Challenge is not just an event, it’s an experience. It’s a place where cocktail enthusiasts and novices alike come together to celebrate the art of mixology. This thrilling and interactive cocktail-making and sampling event is hosted by expert bartenders who guide attendees through the process of crafting unique drinks.

Held at the vibrant Time Out Market Boston, the event offers attendees the opportunity to explore a plethora of tasty food options while they sip on their freshly made cocktails. It’s a lively competition where attendees get to taste a variety of specialty crafted cocktails, each one a testament to the bartender’s skill and creativity.

The Boston Cocktail Challenge is more than just a competition, it’s a social event. It’s a place where young professionals and fellow Bostonians can meet, socialize over drinks, network, and make amazing new connections.

A Unique Group Activity

The Boston Cocktail Challenge is the perfect event for groups. Attendees can bring their friends along to witness the experts craft unique drinks. They can participate in tasting and voting for the winning cocktail team. It’s a chance to bond with your crew as you laugh, connect, and engage in this unique activity. This event is an amazing chance for groups to experience something new together and engage in a fun shared competition.

Swag and More

All attendees of the Boston Cocktail Challenge will receive swag take-home items from participants. VIP guests receive gift cards for Time Out Boston. With 50% off tickets available now, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the best cocktails in Boston at this exciting event.

The Boston Cocktail Challenge is a celebration of mixology. It’s a place where the love for cocktails is shared, where new connections are made, and where attendees can unleash their inner mixologist. So, grab your friends, choose a date, and let’s party together at the Boston Cocktail Challenge!

The Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Challenge

The Boston Cocktail Challenge also hosts the Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Challenge. Here, mixologists are tasked with building a cocktail around the flavors of Keeper’s Heart Irish + American whiskey, a completely original style of spirit that combines rich Irish pot still whiskey with Irish grain and the bold American flavors of rye. This challenge showcases the versatility of whiskey and the creativity of Boston’s bartenders.

So, whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast or a novice, the Boston Cocktail Challenge has something for everyone. It’s an event that celebrates the art of mixology and brings people together. Don’t miss out on this exciting event!

Time Out Market Boston
401 Park Drive Boston, MA 02215