5 Things To Do In Boston Over the Weekend!

As the fourth of July falls upon us we’re excited to share highlighted events that are happening around Boston so that your besties and yourself are outside and enjoying the activities that will make your July Fourth more exciting than the fireworks! The 4th of July celebrations in Boston are nothing short of spectacular. As the birthplace of American independence, Boston truly knows how to honor the occasion. The city comes alive with a vibrant energy, and the festivities are a delightful blend of tradition, patriotism, and sheer joy.

Have a Blast!

Here are someAMAZING things to do this 4th of July!

July 4th

Enjoy the Fourth of July at Sugar Factory


Monday, Jul 01, 2024 11:30a - Sunday, Jul 07, 2024 10:00p

The Sugar Factory in Boston offers more than just sugar, but an experience with an amazing presentation of the food they serve to guests. This week is RED, WHITE and BLUE and The Sugar Factory has a limited edition milkshake that will only be available from July 1st to July 7th. Sip on their Red, White & Boom Insane Milkshake which is over the top just like America! The milkshake is a blend of vanilla soft serve and cookie dough ice cream. Served in a patriotic vanilla frosted mug, the milkshake features red, white and blue sugar crystals and candy stars. Topped with whipped cream, the shake also comes with strawberry-flavored rock candy, assorted fast food and cola bottle gummies, and candy stars. Not only will you be satisfied, but your Instagram story will also satisfy others

July 4th
Boston Pops July 4th Fireworks Spectacular 2024


Thursday 8:00p- 10:30p

The Boston Pops Fireworks definitely is a staple here in Boston Massachusetts, where families and friends come together and sit along the Charles River as they see different explosions of lights shoot right into the sky. The Esplanade offers a terrific view of the Charles River and the skyscrapers that make up Boston. Enjoy the music and get your seats early because everyone will be trying to get a front row seat of the fireworks. Believe me when I say that every year I’ve attended the firework show I've walked home with my friend in awe and if you don’t have work the following Friday then maybe staying out past 10:30pm won’t be such a bad idea if you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Picnic in the Park

Thursday 2:00p- 7:00p

As someone who loves to eat a picnic is right up my alley. Welcome to the annual 4th of July Boston Commons Picnic in the Park! Join us at the Boston Common Visitors Center for a day of fun, food, and fireworks. In the heart of Boston, enjoy quality time with your friends and family and enjoy live music and watch the sunset as you’ll view the lovely sky as fireworks prevail to celebrate Independence Day! This is great for parents with younger children, but also a lovely date idea for those who want cute picnic adventure.

Comedy Party at Lucky Strike Fenway

Thursday 7:30p - 10:00p

How come the bicycle kept falling asleep?.. It was Two Tired! Comedy may not be my best strength, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I may still have more time. Every Thursday at 7:30, join Comedy Party at Lucky Strike Fenway for a night of laughter from local and touring comedians. As you buy a ticket it will come with a $5 voucher for arcade games and maybe after a few drinks and a couple of laughs you won’t want to leave… of course until you get kicked out. This event is 21+ so grab your friend group, pre game and get ready for the most comedic time of your life because I know I will!