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Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

A Delicious Arrival in Boston!

Bostonians, get ready to indulge! Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, the renowned New York-based ice cream chain, is bringing its delectable and “French-style” treats to our beloved city. With three new locations set to open in 2024, the streets of Boston will soon be a little sweeter.

A Scoop of History

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream began as a humble yellow truck on the vibrant streets of NYC in 2008. Founded by Pete and Ben Van Leeuwen and Laura O’Neill, the company had a simple mission: to make good ice cream that makes you feel good. They’ve certainly lived up to that promise, creating a brand synonymous with happiness and healthiness.

Their secret? A commitment to choice ingredients and a philosophy that good ice cream is for everyone. Whether it’s their classic flavors or vegan delights, Van Leeuwen has mastered the art of ice cream making.

The Boston Scoop

The excitement is palpable as Van Leeuwen prepares to open its doors in three iconic locations: The Street Chestnut Hill, Seaport Blvd, and Harvard Square. Each spot has been carefully chosen to bring the joy of Van Leeuwen’s ice cream to the heart of our community.

Chestnut Hill: The First Taste

Slated to open in early April, the Chestnut Hill location will be the first to introduce Boston to Van Leeuwen’s rich, egg yolk-laden ice cream. Imagine strolling through The Street shopping center, ice cream cone in hand, the flavors of spring blooming around you.

Seaport: A Summer Delight

As the summer sun warms the harbor, Van Leeuwen’s Seaport location will open its doors. Perfectly timed for those leisurely summer walks and the bustling atmosphere of the waterfront.

Harvard Square: A Fall Affair

And as the leaves begin to turn, Van Leeuwen will unveil its Harvard Square shop. Nestled in the historic and academic heart of Boston, this location promises to be a cozy retreat for students and families alike.

Why the Buzz?

Van Leeuwen isn’t just about ice cream; it’s an experience. With flavors crafted from the finest ingredients like Sicilian pistachios and Ecuadorian chocolate, each scoop is a testament to quality and creativity. And let’s not forget the vegan options that have won hearts and taste buds alike.

So mark your calendars and prepare your palates. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream’s arrival is not just an opening—it’s a celebration of flavor, community, and the simple joy of a delicious ice cream cone.