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Join a delightful fall themed experience at our Fall Wine, Seltzer & Donut fest on November 4th!

This event offers wine tastings, food pairings, live dj, and an opportunity to learn more about wine & seltzers from experts. Our event also allows a unique social aspect of getting to interact with others and strengthen connections with friends by making new memories together.🤗 

The best part about the fall season is the donuts that pair perfectly with some of the drinks we'll have at this event. Time Out Market is home to Union Square Donuts and they have some very special flavors that will get your taste buds watering! Think: pumpkin spice, cinnamon sugar, apple cider, maple bacon glazed, and so many more options. Make sure to grab some donuts as you taste through our event because some of these pairings will create an explosion of flavor when put together.🍩

Red wines tend to pair well with pumpkin spice or apple cider donuts by having that original fruity taste. White wines can be a little sweeter or have hints of citrus, so the best pairings are maple glazed or any apple-flavored donuts. Seltzers, with their light and bubbly nature, can be a refreshing palate cleanser between donut tastings.

Make sure to get your tickets now to start planning for an awesome fall season🍁🍂