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Boston's Seaport is getting a Museum of Ice Cream!

You've heard of the museum of M&M's and Hershey's, but have you ever heard of the museum of Ice Cream!?! 🍨 This new and exhilarating museum concept holds a special place in our hearts because it doesn't matter if you're 5 years old or 80 years old; you can enjoy the nostalgia of an all time loved sweet treat. If you live in Boston or plan on visiting soon in spring/summer of 2024, you have to make this a spot on your list to visit! The building will stand in the beautiful Seaport area making it the perfect spot to travel to on a hot sunny day. ☀

Just imagine it now: Seeing all the dynamic bright colors 💚, smelling a freshly baked waffle cone🍦, hearing the laughter of others around you 😆, grabbing a spoonful of your favorite flavor , and feeling like there's no other place in the world you'd rather be. 

Tickets will become available as the open date gets closer and there will be plenty of opportunities to take memorable pictures with your friends. Other locations for this Ice Cream museum will also reside in Austin, Chicago, Miami, New York and Singapore. Each location has something special to offer in regards to the history of ice cream and how to make it a fun, interactive experience for anyone involved. We can't wait to see this place come to life and become a great addition to the Boston community! 

So, what's your favorite flavor?🤔🍨