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Affiliate Questions

Q Who are your Promoters?

A Like our users, our Promoters are a diverse group of young-professional Bostonians. Some of them are the social planners amongst their friends. Some work closely with a charitable organization. Others own businesses in and around Boston, have a special talent for spreading the word, and use this as an opportunity to drive in some extra revenue at the same time.


Q Is there any cost to become involved?

A No. Anyone with an email account can become a Promoter. All the information you need is on our website. You simply copy and paste your unique links and ads wherever you want, and you’re credited for new subscribers and ticket sales. You can log on at any time to see who has purchased a ticket from you and how much you’ve earned.


Q Do I need to be some kind of computer expert to participate?

A No. All you need to do is log in, copy, and paste. If you have any questions, call us at 781-444-7771, or Visit Here to contact us.


Q Do I need any previous promotions, marketing, or media experience?

A No. The program is very user friendly. Some people invite a few friends; others grow this opportunity into something much larger. It’s all up to you. And we’re happy to help you with anything you need to succeed.


Q What is this Boston Event Guide/Society of Young Professionals?

A Boston Event Guide is an event-planning, marketing, and promotions company focusing on the Greater Boston area. We design and provide event and marketing support for a variety of clients for our young-professional audience to enjoy.



A The Society of Young Professionals hosts many of Boston Event Guide’s events and provides a community for our subscribers to network with like-minded people, build significant social and business relationships, and be more involved with their community by helping to plan, host, and promote events.


Q How much is my commission?

A We pay you a per-person commission for any guests that pay the cover charge using your promoter code. Each event/trip has a different commission/reward structure ranging from $1 to $25 per person. You can trade in your compensation for a check, credit towards upcoming events, or donate it to your favorite charity.


Q How many events do you host?

A We work with hundreds of events each year.


Posting an event

Q How do I submit an event?

A There are a couple ways to submit your event (you must be a registered user and logged in to submit an event). You can choose "Submit An Event" from the "User" menu on the top of any page. You can also click the link within the "Submit An Event" box found on the right hand column on many of the sites pages.


Q When I click to submit an event it brings me to a login page, how come?

A In order to submit an event to Boston Event Guide you must be a registered user and logged into your account.


Q I submitted an event but I can not find it, why?

A All of our events are moderated and submitted for approval before going live.


Q Why are my events sent for review and not listed immediately?

A Boston Event Guide does its best to make sure your event submissions were done properly and are not replicas of events already listed with slightly different titles. This also allows us to ensure only clean and real events are posted to the live site. We do not spell check or error check your events for you, so please be sure to double check your submission.