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Boston Event Guide was started by Jeff Popkin in 1995 as a way to increase the Boston social experience for young professionals. When Popkin started the company he was tired of hearing about an event only after that event was over, and he knew many other people were feeling that way as well.
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“We’re the trusted friend you didn’t know you had that keeps you updated on all the fun events, openings, and special offers going on in the Boston area!”

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Black or White Cruise
Tropical Luau Cruise
The Masquerade Cruise
Barbie & Ken Dream Boat

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“No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

– H. E. Luccock
Team bonding events are not just about having fun; they’re essential for fostering strong relationships, improving communication, and creating a supportive work environment. So, consider organizing regular team-building activities to reap these valuable benefits!


Boston Event Guide is a platform that caters to socially connected young professionals aged 25-45 in the greater Boston area. It plans, produces, and promotes a variety of events.

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