Gogol Bordello: A Band on a Mission

You have to love a band that has an actual Mission Statement. Here’s part of Gogo Bordello’s:

“Gogol Bordello’s task is to provoke audience out of post-modern aesthetic swamp onto a neo-optimistic communal movement towards new sources of authentic energy.

With acts of music, theatre, chaos and sorcery Gogol Bordello confronts the jaded and irony-diseased. Our treatment of traditional material is freewillous, but is not irony driven and thus real. Our theatre is chaotic and spontaneous and because of that is alarming and response provoking.”

Seems like the perfect way to end 2016, doesn’t it.

Gogol Bordello will be at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on Dec, 30.

What's in a Name? Diarrhea Planet

It could be the worst name for a band in the history of rock ‘n roll: Diarrhea Planet.

Why would any band with even a hope of becoming famous call themselves Diarrhea Planet? (Besides the fact that it’s kind of fun to write Diarrhea Planet…but I digress).

There’s a link on the band website to a buzzfeed.com article that says calls them “the Nashville six-piece with a name so repellent the music has no choice but to be undeniable.”

Is it? You be the judge. Here’s what we found when we typed “Diarrhea Planet” into the YouTube search engine.

"Yeah Buddy" -Diarrhea Planet

"Platinum Girls" - Diarrhea Planet (Official Music Video)

“Ghost with a Boner” -Diarrhea Planet

It’s amazing how much music/noise a band with four guitars in it can make, but if that’s what it takes for Diarrhea Planet to make music that makes you forget their name so be it. Plus it looks like they are a lot of fun to see live. They play Great Scott on Dec. 30 and The Sinclair on Dec. 31.

The One, The Only, The Fools

Sometime around 1975, deep in the Home of the Fried Clam, Ipswich, Massachusetts, a really fun bunch of guys who had a band called "The Rhythm A's" somehow changed and became The Fools. The object of a Fools show was to blow real life out of all proportion and morph ‘just another night out to see a band’ into the most fun anyone had ever had — anywhere! Meeting with great success, it wasn't long before the lads were masterminding stage trickery, pratfalls, skits, themes, twisted audience participation, practical jokes, paybacks, big nights and even some colossal events. Do not miss an opportunity to experience the spectacle and splendor, the legendary bombast, yes the shock and the awe — The Fools.

Hear for yourself:

The Fools - Psycho Chicken

The Fools - World Dance Party

The Fools play The Blue Ocean Music Hall on Dec. 31.

Heavy Metal Bee Gees

A heavy metal Tribute to the Bee Gees?

Don't believe it? Click Here.

Tragedy has changed the face of music forever. This band of flamboyant men dressed in spandex, leather and sequins, takes your favorite Bee Gees, disco and soft-rock classics and reinvents them in a Heavy Metal fashion. The result is aural ecstasy. You may enter the Tragedy experience unaware of your latent appreciation for gooey soft rock or flamboyant metal, but you shall emerge forever humbled by the greatness of Tragedy, covered in glitter and with a smile that will last for days.

Tragedy has sold out venues like Bowery Ballroom, Brooklyn Bowl and Terminal 5 in their hometown of NYC, as well as those in far-away lands such as London, Glasgow, Disneyland, Austin, Boston, DC, Tampa. Festivals include Guilfest (UK, with Motorhead), Summer Breeze (Germany), Bloodstock (UK, headlining) and Hammerfest (UK, headlining). The band has appeared on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, Bruce Dickenson’s Rock Show and has received international airplay. Tragedy has released three critically acclaimed albums: We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong, Humbled By Our Greatness, and their latest, Death to False Disco-Metal.

“Tragedy manage to dwell in the realm of novelty while far exceeding their worth as a concept . . . the aesthetic is somewhere in between the flamboyance of the disco-era Bee Gees and the flamboyance of mid-eighties hair metal, with some extra flamboyance thrown in for the sake of flamboyance.”  - Tiny Mix Tapes


Tragedy will be at Thunder Road on Dec. 30.

Tribute or Tasteless Wannabes?

Going to see a cover band is always a bit of a challenge. Will they be as good as the band they are pretending to be? Better? Worse? Will they dress and act like the band? Will you walk away happy with the show or filled with nothing but genuine hate for the posers you paid to see?

There are two cover bans playing the Wilbur Friday night. Here are the blurbs  from the website:

Start Making Sense:

If David Byrne is one of the geniuses of modern times, then Start Making Sense is a tribute to genius. The musicians in this 7-piece Talking Heads Tribute take pride in faithfully recreating the music of Talking Heads entire career. Together they bring much of the Heads unique live show to the stage, with front man Jon Braun as a spot-on David Byrne, giving you a “once in a lifetime” experience. Prepare yourself for a rockin', funkin', danceable celebration of the new-wave art punk you loved from the 80's !!!


Hall and Oates are the #1 selling duo of all time. There is no one better than fellow Keystone Staters, HmfO, to bring their music back to the masses. Expect both accurate representations of the band’s material as well as deep explorations into the far reaches of space and back. Possibly a mustache or two. Expect perfection

So…you going? Tell us how it was john@bostoneventguide.com

Start Making Sense and HMFO play the Wilbur Theatre on Friday Dec. 23. Showtime is 8 PM. Tickets are $24.