Women of the World is an international world music ensemble currently based in Boston. What started out as a dream four years ago has become a real musical force. Ayumi Ueda, a Berklee College of Music alumna from Japan, sought to create an ensemble of artists from all over the world to create music for peace. In 2008, Ayumi joined forces with like-minded musicians, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, Annette Philip from India, and Débòrah Pierre from USA/Haiti in order to manifest this vision.

The Women of the World repertoire is vast and varied; the sound created by this unique group has grown to have a power that moves not only the members, but huger and huger audiences, as it spreads awareness of different cultures, music, and philosophies.


Women of the World Perform at Scullers Jazz Club on Thursday, Apr. 6. Showtime is 8 PM. Tickets $25-$72.