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Fashion or Flop: Velvet Jackets

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Just in time for the holiday season: jackets that look like they were made from the curtains hanging in an 1800s bordello.

Seriously, besides some overdressed pimps in an old blaxploitation film, who thinks velvet is a good idea? The answer, we discovered is Franklin Eugene, whose show Fearless Finesse – A Menswear Homage to Velvet recently hit the international scene.

Here’s what the fashion press had to say (at least in the press release): “We have been following Mr. Eugene for several years now and as we have watched his evolution as a designer two things stand out.  First, we have noticed Mr. Eugene’s sublime and artful transition pieces.  Second, we really enjoy those cutting-edge pieces that move menswear forward like the burgundy velvet tear drop suit from this FEARLESS FINESSE COLLECTION.” (The CAPS are theirs)

Maybe there is an art to making clothes out of velvet, but would anybody not on the Eugene payroll wear them?

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